• Is ‘Game of Thrones’ on Netflix?

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Probably the most asked question we get here at What’s on Netflix is whether or not HBO’s massive hit TV series Game of Thrones which stars Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey. The first series aired on premium subscription based HBO on April the 17th 2011 and whether its between the non-stop action, intriguing dialogue or characters the series has hooked millions across the world to the world that George R.R Martin curated in his book series titled ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ which is a fantasy novel based on the same story told in HBO’s adaptation of the book.

With the latest season of Game of Thrones wrapping up on HBO with the highest ever viewing figures for the season it’s not surprise that one of the most pirated titles on torrent sites is the fantasy series. With that said and the addition with Netflix openly speaking about how they put the highest bids in for what people torrent it surprises many that the series has ever yet hit the Netflix Instant Library after all it did manage to get a great deal with the second most pirated series – Breaking Bad and in some areas it gained total exclusivity of the program too.

But the reason why you’re not using Netflix to watch the series stems from the roots of the relationship between HBO and distributors such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. While Amazon has managed to sneak its way into the content library for the most part HBO has out-right said that its series, in any form will not be joining Netflix as it devalues the subscription of HBO. Which is fair enough in our opinion but it would make massive waves if it did eventually make its way onto Netflix in the future.

Does HBO offerings affect your buying choice? Has the recent deal with Amazon made you swap. Let us know below.

  • mrwho

    HBO should realise that if a TV show is not readily available on the internet for people at decent value, it will just get pirated. It’s pretty much either netflix or pirating.

    • KaseyMoore

      Yep I agree. If they released a sensible priced service it will encourage more people to purchase. HBO Go is basically this but it’s too much money to justify at the moment.

      • mrwho

        It’s also not available for the international audience that way, which I’d wager is very big.

        • KaseyMoore

          Yup, you can purchase individual episodes at £1.99 each on services such as BlinkBox in the United Kingdom.

          • mrwho

            Ah, I didn’t know that. £60 for all three seasons is pretty steep though.

    • http://Thisdamnsiteisreallyobsessedwithme.com ballsauce

      at the moment I’m watching pirated, bad move HBO

  • Christopher Hammer

    HBO… lol are they still playing Top Gun several times a day?

  • Just libéral

    HBO lost a lot of money with illegal download.. A lot of people that i know dowload this serie illegally because the blueray ou dvd are to expensive… So, they will make more money if Game of Thrones came at 20 $ like a lot of others series and not at 40-45 $ or go on netflix.. I just dont understand HBO… Game of thrones is the most pirated dowload around the world… So to bad for them….

  • Whatever

    I would love to ask where I could get a pirated download of the new season of GOT but I know that no one can tell me because that would give it away to the feds too easily. We just this week dropped cable and GOT is about the only thing I’m concerned about missing. I was able to see the first episode of this new season, but the rest are a toss up as to whether I’ll get to see them or not. Even my beloved Walking Dead is on Netflix so I don’t have to worry about that. I just wish HBO would get with the program. They’ve been teasing for a while that they are considering offering a version of HBO GO through internet providers without having to have an HBO cable subscription, but I haven’t heard anything reliable or new on that front in quite a while. I’m sure they’re holding off until they can get the best possible price (gouge) that they can get.

  • BoogerPicker

    I have watched the pirated torrent sites. HBO Go cost too much when you can get it for free. They are losing a lot of money by not letting Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu have access.

  • dank reefers

    so we just pirate it then ok

  • A

    They could look at joining Netflix as reaching a new market. In all my adulthood, I have never paid for TV and never will. If HBO wants any of my money, they can get it from Netflix – just like AMC, HGTV, etc.

  • B

    I hate HBO so much right now because I’m EXTREMELY late on watching GoT and I now have to go on a massive manhunt for a pirated version of the S1E2

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