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Netflix announce Marseille – a series to match House of Cards

The World’s press has been captivated by the Netflix announcement of their next big budget original drama Marseille. Set in the eponymous city of Marseille – it’s in France if you didn’t know – the series is being sold as an “intelligent Shakespearean” story of high level politics. It’s being likened to the hugely successful […]

Netflix surpasses HBO revenues but still long way to go

Reed Hastings is a humble type of bloke and often takes to his social channels to announce stats and figures but also give credit where credit is due. For example he absolutely loved John Oliver’s section on Net Neutrality which is on his new HBO show shown every week. Breaking records it seems every week […]

Getting Started with Netflix

A few articles to get you introduced to the US streaming service you can read alot more of our other articles here. If you’re ready to step up to the mark and join the millions of other subscribers click here.

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