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What’s On Netflix is a website dedicated to bringing you the latest news on Netflix movies. Check out the new releases on Netflix in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands. You’ll also find those hidden gems, search Netflix exclusive content and browse our top lists which give you the very best of Netflix in a easy to read format.

Netflix Releases Q1 Results – The Facts

With Q1 now over Netflix has released some pretty impressive statistics which not only shows continued growth but also good things heading into Q2 and beyond. In terms of new content it seems Netflix is gaining significant exclusive content not only with its own productions but with buyouts of TV series such as House and […]

Top 10 Movies You’ll Only Find on Netflix Canada

Literally millions of people have begun using VPN’s to access American and South American Netflix content as there’s no doubt the quality of movies and TV shows greatly differ from their own Netflix service. That’s not to say each of the other services have their advantages with massive blockbuster content you’ll only see on your […]

Getting Started with Netflix

A few articles to get you introduced to the US streaming service you can read alot more of our other articles here. If you’re ready to step up to the mark and join the millions of other subscribers click here.

A-Z Netflix Devices

Discover all of the devices that are compatible with Netflix.
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What is Netflix?
Discover all there is to know about the Netflix revolution.
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Is it worth a subscription?
Is Netflix the best service you could be spending cash on?
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