wilfredIt’s not always easy to justify big stars moves into smaller projects and think what the hell have they done. It’s happened with many big stars such as those out of Star Wars and now it’s Lord of the Rings hobbit Elijah Woods turn to face the same criticism in the form of Wilfred. The TV show which airs in America originally has been adapted for the United States audiences which in short potrays a man who see’s a dog as a real life human being rather than just a dog. This leads to weird encounters. It’s questionable and many will see it as TV garbage but it’s obviously caught an audience somewhere.

Season 2 which is now streaming on Netflix today is last years season which features 13 episodes all together with each episode listed individually below.

Season 2 now available contains episodes 1-13:

1. Progress

2. Letting Go

3. Dignity

4. Guilt

5. Now

6. Control

7. Avoidance

8. Truth

9. Service

10. Honesty

11. Questions

12. Resentment

13. Secrets

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