• How To: Watch the final season of Breaking Bad from Netflix USA

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Breaking Bad, which hit the finale this last Sunday isn’t currently available on Netflix USA but that’s not to say you can’t watch the final series elsewhere on Netflix around the world. The United Kingdom has been receiving each of the episodes just 24 hours after they air in the US Network Television. So if you’re from the states you’re thinking you’re just going to have to wait until Netflix US get’s the series added to the current 4 series available. False.

By using this technique below you are going to be able to watch the UK Netflix.

What you need :


Google Chrome (up-to-date)

Internet Connection (preferably over 5.00mbps)

A valid Netflix account

Now what you need to do is download Hola Unblocker for Google Chrome which is a small extension. Download here. Now in the top right corner of Google Chrome you’ll see a little flame. Click that and switch to on. Now with the open box go to options then switch your location to the United Kingdom.

There you go access to the epic final season of Breaking Bad.


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